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National Centers of Academic Excellence in Cyber Defense (CAE-CD) Program

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Official information about the NSA/DHS National Centers of Academic Excellence in Cyber Defense (CAE-CD) Program can be found on the website of the NIETP, the National Information Assurance Education & Training Programs, at https://www.iad.gov/NIETP/index.cfm.

Note: As of May 1, 2018, some commonly used internet browsers considered the security certificates used for the NIETP website invalid. Therefore individuals visiting the NIETP site may receive warnings stating that their connection to the site is not secure.

Key documents available from the NIETP website:

CAE CD Program Guidance - 2019 (.PDF file)
CAE CDE Associate Level Criteria - 2019 (.PDF file)
CAE CDE Criteria - 2019 (.PDF file)
CAE-CD 2019 Knowledge Units (.PDF file)
CAE-CD 2019 Knowledge Unit Code (.PDF file)
CAE-CDE 2019 Specializations (.PDF file)

CAE-CD Program Application Resources:

CAE-CDE/CAE2Y New Applicant Checklist (This link will take you to the CAECommunity.org website, where the Applicant Checklist resides)
CAE KU Mapping Matrix - 2019 (.XLS file)
National Cyberwatch Center's KU Mapping Guide (.PDF file)

NSA DHS CAE KU Mapping to NICE Framework

NSA DHS CAE KU Mapping to NICE FW 2.0 (.PDF file)
NICE KU Mapping spreadsheet (.XLS file)

Additional resource:

It is recommended that educational institutions interested in applying for CAE-CD designations for the first time join the Application Assistance Program, by submitting the online Applicant Checklist on the CAE Community website.